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Google Page RankingSite ranking is, at its most basic, the location of your site on any given search result. What we do is improve that rank by using true and tried methods that insure you of a better search result position while complying with all of that particular search engine's rules and TOS.

When we optimize a site for SEO ranking we have to take into account a number of factors. Some of these factors are local, and we can control them: site layout, keyword density, site load time, and most importantly of all, site content. Others are not quite so obvious, and are most often out of anyone's control except the search engine who "looks" at your site.

Search Engine RankingEach search engine requires a slightly different optimization method, which in turn returns a slightly different SEO ranking. A lot of factors influence your SEO ranking. A site map has to be generated, instructions for search engine crawlers have to be included, keywords and other specific elements have to be added to your page. Once all these components are in place, your site is submitted to the major search engines.

Getting your site to be visited by a robot (the program that scans your page and gathers the content it finds) is simple: most engines are very thorough and they will visit your site as soon as they learn about it. Certain locations have to be "pointed out" to the robots while other linked content is looked at automatically. Robots follow all links on your site and they do the same with any other links about your site that are found on other sites. That is why having other sites point back to you is so important (we mentioned this on the Social Media SEO page and the Website Marketing page).

Seo Ranking SuccessOnce the content is gathered, algorithms decide what the relevancy of that content is. For example there are penalties to be paid for:

These are just a few of the reasons why a search engine will penalize you. On the other hand, SEO ranking will improve with the use of these techniques:

Your SEO ranking will improve over time, as more sites point back to your site, and as more people talk about it on social media.

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SEO refers to the process of marketing and promoting a site to take full advantage of search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.

Seo Web DesignBuilding your site correctly is only the first step in online success for your business, personal blog, or family site. You have to provide the visitors who do find you with a reason to come back, and add your site to the ever-competitive pool of websites that get  loyal visitors.

Facebook Social MediaSocial Media is a vital part of keeping your site in your customers' mind. Aside from the big search engines mentioned above, there are Online Directories (such as DMOZ, Google Directory,, and a few others).

Website BlogsBlogs are a great way to keep your visitors  up to date and informed about upcoming events or specials they will want to know about.

Website ContentBeing listed in the top search engines is only part of your overall online strategy. You have to follow up with quality, fresh and pertinent content to keep your visitors coming back. We are here to help you.

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